It’s far better to give than to receive. Please give whatever you can, consider making a donation as a gift to someone for their birthday or in honor of a milestone. Consider purchasing extra food when you grocery shop and donating to us. Your gift is life-changing, right here in our community.

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    Meals Provided
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    Households Served Annually
    Feeds a Family For 1 Week
    Feeds a child for a week
    Feeds a family for a year

    Give Food
    Food donations accepted
    Monday-Thursday, 9-2:30pm

    Give Money
    Click here to donate online,
    or mail a check to Post Office
    Box 505 East Hampton, 11937

    Give Time
    Our community needs you.
    Please call to offer your time.


    From collecting and sorting food, to addressing thank you notes from donations and posting flyers to raise awareness of our services, there are many ways to help the East Hampton Food Pantry and to get involved.

    • Volunteers are needed on Tuesdays, 10-6pm
      Drivers needed Wednesdays-Thursdays, 1-3pm
    • Food donations are accepted Monday-Thursday, 9-2:30pm

    • Food Distribution:  Every Tuesday, 1-6pm

    • Distribucion de la Comida: Cada Martes, 1-6pm

    • For more information and to volunteer in Amagansett and at East Hampton High School call 631-324-2300

    brown paper grocery bag full of produce

    “Peace begins when the hungry are fed.”

    Dorothy Day

    “The happiest people are those who do the most for others.”

    Booker T. Washington

    “You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. That’s how prayer works.”

    Pope Francis

    “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.”

    Mother Teresa

    “We don’t need researchers nor scientists to find a cure for hunger. The simple cure is you.”

    Russell J. Calemmo, Your Content Goes Here