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With honor and sincere congratulations to Cole Benedict for 500 hours of volunteer service to the East Hampton Food Pantry. As far back as we can remember, after school, this fine young man with character


OUR LATEST GREATEST VIDEO Russ Calemmo and fellow Southampton Food Pantry, Hilton Crosby with a sincere conversation at LTV. It's all about people in need of food and how we operate.  

Mr. Mike Wrote A Song For Us

Mr. Mike Pitiero wrote a little tune for our pantry to use. Check it out here for it is one of those tunes that will make you feel good about yourself. Thanks, Mr.Mike "Don't


There are not enough words to express the words "giving real-time" from the heart. This is just a sample of one day out of four. We would hope that this has a good ending story


Who Are These Guys Copy and paste this link in your browser and see what it's all about.   Oh, by the way, that pink 1963 phone that Jimmy is talking on, was refurbished by this author.

Young People Who Really Care

TO SURVIVE, WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER Teenager Helps Out Pantry APRIL 7, 2020 BY | RICK MURPHY To survive, we have to band together. An East Hampton teenager took that message to heart after

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