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Young People Who Really Care

TO SURVIVE, WE HAVE TO BAND TOGETHER Teenager Helps Out Pantry APRIL 7, 2020 BY | RICK MURPHY To survive, we have to band together. An East Hampton teenager took that message to heart after

Celebrities Who Believe

Jimmy Fallon And Alec Baldwin Champion East Hampton Food Pantry On "The Tonight Show" Nicole Barylski Print Article The Tonight Show: At Home is being filmed from Jimmy Fallon's East End home. (Photo: On Thursday, March

How Many People Do We Feed Each Month 2021?

FOR THE YEAR 2020 OUR VOLUNTEERS PROUDLY FED 27,365 PEOPLE 2019 was 15,633 an increase of 75+%  2021 January:  Adults  606  Children 1360   Seniors 460   Month Total 2426 February: Adults 527  Children 311  Seniors 417 

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