Jimmy Fallon And Alec Baldwin Champion East Hampton Food Pantry On “The Tonight Show”

Nicole Barylski

The Tonight Show: At Home is being filmed from Jimmy Fallon’s East End home. (Photo: www.facebook.com)

On Thursday, March 26, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Alec Baldwin to The Tonight Show: At Home. Each night Fallon has been highlighting a different charity on the late-night show, which is being filmed at Fallon’s East End home – with guests being interviewed virtually from their residence. The appearance, which included hilarious cameos from Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, daughter Carmen, and son Rafael, included a shout out to a very important Hamptons cause – the East Hampton Food Pantry, whose demand is bound to exponentially increase due to the Coronavirus.

The Food Pantry already provides over 20,000 meals and serves over 7,000 households annually.

“We were and are extremely fortunate to have our Pantry’s needs and circumstances be brought to a national platform on The Tonight Show,” Aubrey Peterson, Board Member, East Hampton Food Pantry, expressed. “Having Mr. Fallon and Mr. Baldwin discuss the reality of hunger in ‘The Hamptons’ that is so often hidden behind the glitz and glam is invaluable.”

The Pantry estimates $100 feeds a family for a week, $25 feeds a child for a week, and $5,000 feeds a family for a year.

“Both have been steadfast supporters of the Pantry and local causes and the trickle down of their efforts has real results when more people can be fed and helped during this difficult time,” Peterson noted.

The longtime friends, who are both currently hunkered down at their East End homes, started out by checking on each other. “Well, we are here, as I know you are, and it’s going great, Jimmy. It’s going great. I mean, what can be better than this, you know? Cooking every night, we’re cleaning the kitchen. We’re doing laundry. We’re watching the kids. Put them to bed at night. And just being with the kids all day. Every minute of the day. I don’t have a job. But the birds are singing – and the kids are just great. It’s just great,” Baldwin jokingly said. To which Fallon responded, “Oh my… He’s cracking.”

To keep busy, the Baldwins are, weather permitting, going on beach walks, doing a lot of reading, and home schooling – for the kids.

The duo also discussed what they’re watching right now. “Went crazy for The Crown. Binged all three seasons of The Crown,” Baldwin relayed. “And there’s – just from the design level – like in the movies and in TV you rarely see things that are that beautiful, the sets and everything else.” He also just watched The Outsider on HBO. They praised fellow actor Jason Bateman, who executive produced and starred in the miniseries that was based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel. “Oh, my God. It was so disturbing,” Baldwin, who’s also a fan of Bateman’s Ozark, stated. “I’m waiting for [Bill] Hader’s show [Barry] to come back,” he added.

Fallon lauded Curb Your Enthusiasm. “The first episode might be the most brilliant thing he’s ever done,” he said about Larry David.

Eventually, the virtual chat turned to the East Hampton Food Pantry. “Well, I know you’re a Long Island boy, and we always talk about Long Island when you’re on here. But your charity that you’re going to work with, that I think is great, is East Hampton Food Pantry. You’re always doing stuff. Why East Hampton Food Pantry?” Fallon asked.

Baldwin explained, “You and I both know when you throw the word ‘Hampton’ out there, people think it’s a lot of well-to-do people. It’s a very kind of privileged seasonal community. But out here year-round, it’s a working-class community. And I’ve tried very hard over the years to do things for the year-round community – with the libraries. But the food issue is hitting the wall here. They’ve got more and more applicants that are going there for donations from the food pantry. So we thought – and thank-you to you, and I mean that sincerely, and thank-you to Nancy [Juvonen] who was very kind in facilitating this, we wanted to do something for the local charities. ‘Cause, I mean, I’ve got so many charities that we work with that are going to hit the wall in the next couple months. So we thought one thing we don’t want to do is forget the local people.”

To support the East Hampton Food Pantry, call 631-324-2300 or visit easthamptonfoodpantry.org.

To watch the full episode, visit www.facebook.com.